Our pets don't keep regular office hours and so neither do we.

We offer consultations for Londoners - our first is at 9am and our last at 7pm.

We are also available all night long, every night. Our emergency consultations run from 7pm to 9am and there is always an experienced vet and nurse on site at the hospital, ready to assist you and your pet.

All of our consultations are at least 20 minutes in duration

Our main aim is to be there for you, when you need us which is why we never, ever close.

So, whether your pet is in need of a last minute vaccination before heading into the kennels, a Pet Passport, routine surgery or an emergency consultation, you can rest easy knowing that we are always ready to help.

General Consultations (9am - 7pm) : £50
Emergency Consultations (7pm - 9am) : £150

Please note that there is an additional surcharge for Sunday and Bank Holiday appointments.